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Hope for Chronic Chest Pain

The effects of chronic chest pain, or angina, can be overwhelming and debilitating, limiting mobility and quality of life. Even after a variety of treatments, many people still experience unbearable chest pain, leading to multiple trips to the emergency room, as well as anxiety and depression – keeping them from living a normal life.  

Do you still have chest pain after trying


Oral Medication


Coronary Stents


Standard Bypass Graft

If this describes you, understand that you are not alone! According to one study, nearly 7% of all patients who underwent arteriograms, dye tests and heart catheter tests were considered “No Option” patients, meaning that medicines, stents or surgical procedures would not help their chest pain (angina).1

If 7% seems like a small number, consider there are over 1 million cardiac catheterizations performed annually in the United States.2 Therefore, you may be one of the more than 67,000 patients who could benefit from an alternative solution. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Break the chains of the “No Option” status. There is still hope.

TMR may be your best option to treat chronic chest pain

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