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Patient Stories

Theresa Turner

Theresa Turner - Chronic Angina Patient

Theresa Turner has had a long history with coronary disease and has undergone multiple therapies for her condition including emergency bypass surgery. In spite of benefitting from those procedures, she suffered from debilitating chronic angina. TMR is a clinically proven laser therapy procedure for chronic angina patients refractory to medical treatment.

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Angela Boussler

Angela Boussler - Chronic Angina Patient Success Story

Angela Boussler describes her angina pain as an elephant sitting on her chest. After her angina pain began limiting her daily activities, her doctor recommended TMR.

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Lewis Riley

Lewis Riley - Chronic Angina Patient Success Story

Before TMR, Lewis Riley filled 23 prescriptions for nitroglycerine. After TMR, Mr. Riley has been able to return to work and has only filled 3 prescriptions which he has never had to use.

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Peggy Arthur

Peggy Arthur - Chronic Angina Patient Success Story

Peggy Arthur had numerous angioplasties and stents before receiving TMR. Since TMR, she’s been able to stay active with her grandchildren.

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Lela Rex

Lela Rex - Chronic Angina Patient Success Story

Lela Rex is Peggy Arthur’s granddaughter. Before TMR, Lela explains how her grandmother was depressed with poor health and no energy. After TMR, Mrs. Arthur has so much energy that Lela can’t keep up with her.

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Al Phillips

Al Phillips - Chronic Angina Patient Success Story

Al Phillips had TMR in conjunction with bypass surgery. This was his third bypass surgery. With all of his experience with bypass surgery, Mr. Phillips regards his surgery with TMR as the most influential. Mr. Phillips declares, “It literally saved my life.”

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